Quality Policy

The Quality Policy of Ideias Dinâmicas Serviços, Lda. Reflects its commitment to the Quality Management System, based on the ISO 9001 Standard. It is committed to ensuring the continuous improvement of the organization, in all areas of operation , ensuring compliance with all requirements applicable to the services provided, taking into account the following assumptions:

  • Assume itself as a reference in the market, obtaining the recognition of its customers;
  • Continuously increase the degree of customer satisfaction;
  • Ensure compliance with all applicable requirements and regulations;
  • Ensure the success of the projects in which it participates;
  • Bet on increasing the competence of its Human Resources;
  • Manage human resources in a dynamic and motivating way, providing improvement
  • Constant productivity and employee satisfaction;
  • Promote a safe work environment;
  • Promote the continuous improvement of the Management System;

For the fulfillment of its objectives, Ideias Dinâmicas Serviços counts on the cooperation of all its collaborators, in order to achieve desirable levels of efficiency and the excellence of services provided. Quality performance is the key to obtaining business results, considering the interests of Customers, employees, suppliers and shareholders. We make a continuous effort to alignment and improvement of our service offer, competitiveness and positioning in the national and international market.